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The business of farming has changed

The transformation of agriculture at the grower level is happening at an unprecedented rate. The most successful, progressive farmers are getting larger, faster. Their businesses are becoming significantly more complex. Their access to information is nearing both infinite and instantaneous. Advancing technologies are propelling efficiency and productivity to new heights. All of this is happening at a time of unparalleled prosperity on the farm and volatility in the markets. The risk vs. reward profile is high and the stakes in farming have never been higher.

The needs of today’s farmer have changed

Recent surveys have confirmed that the needs and challenges of farmers have changed. While agronomic and crop production needs remain a core concern, today’s farmer is increasingly looking for help in the areas of:

  • Business Risk and Financial Management
  • Information/Data Utilization (for improved efficiency & profitability)
  • Marketing Support
  • Profitability & Growth Strategies
  • Labour Issues

Veritas is positioned to meet the needs of today’s farmer20170 Southwest Ag Ve#CB4131

Veritas is a comprehensive Farm Management Service that addresses the core needs of the progressive farmer:

  • Crops/Agronomy
  • Grain Marketing
  • Technology/Precision Ag
  • Business Management/Finance
  • Knowledge/Data


Veritas is a one-shop source of expertise and support where the farmer client gains access to a complete team of ag specialists that are focused soley on his success.

Veritas is objective, unbiased and contractually confidential.





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