Wheat Fungicide Timing

042913_2028_HaveILostAn2Wheat has been maturing very quickly the last week.  I am starting to see some fields in the southwest with heads emerging.  If you are planning to apply fungicide at pollination (T3), now is the time to have a look at your field and plan your timing.

Fungicide application at heading is most effective at the onset of pollination for approximately 3-5 days afterwards, depending on the fungicide used.  The closer you are to an ideal application (Zaddock 60), the better chance you will see an economic benefit from the fungicide.  From the time the awns start to emerge to the onset of pollination is about 5 days.  This will vary depending on weather and temperature.  I have attached a info sheet to help with identifying the proper staging.

T3 fungicide has shown to have good chance of economic return, especially if timed right.  Have a look, and if you have any questions, contact your Veritas agronomy team for more information.

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