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Veritas & John Deere – Precision Agriculture Alliance.

Veritas & John Deere – Precision Agriculture Alliance

In January of 2011 at the Commodity Classic in Tampa, Florida, John Deere introduced their new precision Agriculture platform, JD FarmSight, to the North American agricultural community. Jerry Roell, John Deere’s Director of FarmSight described FarmSight as an integrated suite of solutions that uses wireless technology to link equipment, owners, dealers, and agricultural consultants together to provide more productivity to your farm or business.

Veritas website - JOhn Deere info sheet 2014Specifically, JD FarmSight provides technology solutions in three areas – Machine Optimization, Logistics Optimization and Ag Decision Support. The first two areas fall within Deere’s wheelhouse – getting the most out of machines and helping machines work together. It was the last area, Ag Decision Support – helping farmers turn data and information into better, more profitable decisions – that John Deere knew they needed help with. They knew that world-class equipment and technology and all the data that together they could generate were not enough to drive farm management decisions. They understood that data requires agronomic interpretation before it could be turned into decisions and applications that ultimately improve farm efficiency, productivity and profitability. John Deere challenged their dealers to develop solutions to cover off the Ag Decision Support area of JD FarmSight. That is where VERITAS comes into play.

VERITAS specializes in helping farmers make improved farm management decisions in the areas of crop production, grain marketing and business management. Precision agriculture is a particular focus of VERITAS having worked with geo-spacial technologies for almost 20 years. VERITAS has established an alliance with 2 of Ontario’s leading John Deere dealers to provide the precision agronomy expertise necessary to deliver the value proposition of JD FarmSight. Together with the Integrated Solutions Teams at these dealers,VERITAS works with John Deere customers to help them maximize the opportunity that exists within the variability of their land, and the capability of their Deere equipment to record and respond to that variability. Key opportunities include improved input efficiencies and increased productivity through variable rate applications of seed, fertilizer and pesticides.

Talk to your John Deer dealer today to learn more about VERITAS Crop Rx Services.

To see the possibilities that precision agriculture presents to farming, watch the John Deere FarmSight video below on the future of farming!

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