Heat and Moisutre Comparisions


At this time I can safely say those who called for a cool late spring are batting 500.  Except for a few areas receiving excess rain, planting is wrapping up and the crop is off to a good start.

Early planted corn is emerged well and at the 2-3 leaf stage.  Early planted soybeans are at the unifoliate stage and starting to push a small trifoliate leaf.  Flag leaves are emerging on early planted wheat.

I have attached a summary of heat and moisture to this time.  I am aware areas of Essex have been very wet this month but I cannot find a good data for that area.  Moisture to the south is above the 5 year average while areas to the centre and north are trending drier.  Heat is at or slightly better than average across all areas.  The 14 day forecast suggests temperature in the mid 20’s for the next two weeks with a frost warning for Saturday morning.  Rain is forecast for next week.

While we are cooler then normal, the crop is off to an early start so it is taking full advantage of all the heat we are receiving.  While isolated areas have been wet, the majority of fields have been dry, receiving little rain this month.  While not at critical levels for crop growth, this lack of rainfall is causing some issues with pre emergence herbicide activation, resulting in some weed escapes.  Most soil applied chemicals require a minimum amount of rain (usually 0.5-1”) or a light incorporation to activate the herbicide.  Scout your corn fields as fields are approaching 3 leaf stage in corn and 1st trifoliate in soybeans, the start of the critical weed free period.   If there are escapes do not let them go.  Poor weed control during this period has been shown to cause significant yield loss.

As the weather is cooperating, now is the time to get the balance of the crop in the ground.  Ensure you are planting to moisture (within reason).  While we have had some setbacks, we are still ahead of schedule so remember to not rush.  As much fun as planting is, it should only be done once.

Jason Van Maanen
Agronomy Specialist
Veritas Farm Management



Precipitation and Heat Comparison by Year
Location: West Kent/East Essex
Date: May 1 to May 21
Year Precipitation (mm) Growing Degree Days (GDD) Corn Heat Units (CHU)
2015 78 226 353
2014 83 182 283
2013 5 242 379
2012 54 240 378
2011 88 173 270
5 Year Av 62 213 333



Lambton South East

Date: May 1 to May 21
Year Precipitation (mm) Growing Degree Days (GDD) Corn Heat Units (CHU)
2015 26 165 244
2014 64 145 222
2013 31 195 301
2012 42 179 266
2011 79 130 200
5 Year Av 48 163 247



Huron West

Date: May 1 to May 21
Year Precipitation (mm) Growing Degree Days (GDD) Corn Heat Units (CHU)
2015 25 150 234
2014 98 124 182
2013 29 185 296
2012 45 154 227
2011 105 133 202
5 Year Av 60 149 228