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Equipment, Technology & Data.
Made simple. Made profitable.

Why Precision Farming Solutions?

The next major evolution in farming is underway. Precision Agriculture and its response to universal soil variability is the next level of efficiency, productivity and profitability in farming. Today’s planters, sprayers and combines arrive precision-ag ready and equipped to deliver the benefits.

VERITAS’ Precision Farming Solutions will help farmers successfully transition from composite to variable/precision agriculture and extract returns on their land and equipment investments.

• Expert equipment, technology & precision ag support & coaching • Fast, smooth, stress-free transition into precision-ag
• Consultative script-writing process• Increased ROI on equip. and land investments
• 3rd party, impartial services • Increased yields.
• Veriblock results• Higher input efficiency
• Scripted plots/trials• Brand flexibility; equipment integration; reduced cost
• Measured results
• Results-driven decisions
• Accelerated yield increases
Equip. & Technology Support • Advisory & trouble-shooting services
• Equip set-up and calibration
• On-farm training & coaching
• Equipment integration
• Equipment consulting
Data Collection & Data Processing• Collection, filtering & cleaning, processing of data for reports or maps
Field Mapping• Creation of maps
- Planting
- Spraying
- Harvest
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