Remedies for Planting into Unfit Soils

042913_2028_HaveILostAn2042913_2028_HaveILostAn1Spring 2013 has once again proven that farming is not an exact science and Mother Nature lives by her own calendar,
writes Jason Van Maanen, CCA-ON(Veritas – Chatham) and Aaron Breimer, CCA-ON(Veritas Parkhill). This year’s weather falls somewhere between the two polar extremes of 2012 (early) and 2011 (late). The focus of this article is on the possible remedies that are possible to address soil compaction.

What is “Normal?”

This year’s weather perhaps resembles more of a normal spring if you look back over the last 15 years. The last 5-years of weather, on average, has created This content is only available to Veritas members.
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