Fungicide Timing on Corn and Soybeans



I have been getting calls regarding fungicide timing on both corn and soybeans.  I have put together some quick information to help stage the crop and help decide when to apply.


Timing: VT (tassel emergence until silks are dry)

Water Volume: 15 to 20 gal/ac (ground application), 5 gal/ac (aerial application)


Timing: R2 to R3

Water Volume: 15 to 20 gal/ac (ground application)

SOYSSoybean growth stages are shown above. At the R2 stage, there are flowers on the upper two nodes; at R3, there are 3/16” pods; and at R4 there are 3/4” pods on one of the upper four nodes (Fig. 5). The R2.5 stage is when there are flowers all the way up the plant and pods forming on the lower nodes.Corn is quickly approaching the timing window for fungicide.  Aim for 80% tassel emergence as your starting point.  Once the silks start to turn brown you are beyond the window.  Soybeans are entering the R2 stage.  As mentioned, the ideal window is between the points that there are flowers on the top nodes of the plant until there are 3/16” pods at the top nodes.  The beans can be sprayed after this point but this is the stage with the most economic return.  Products like KP Plus can be mixed with the fungicide during this timing.

If you have any more questions please contact your Veritas Agronomy team.