Frost Injury Evaluation

042913_2028_HaveILostAn1The Veritas team has been busy evaluating crop injury from the recent frost events. The level of damage varies from field to field and even within a field. The amount of damage can even be significantly different between plants that are next to each other. Below are pictures of the levels of damage that we are seeing in corn and soybean fields.














We have noticed that the damage appears to be worse where the soil is extremely loose and in heavy residue situations. The soil moisture has been absorbing what heat was present during the day and radiating it back out during the night. This created a protective layer of warm air close to the soil surface. Loose soil did not have enough moisture present and the residue acted as an insulator to keep the soil moisture from absorbing the heat.







The damage appears to be severe in many cases but upon closer examination the growing point is still viable and we expect the crop to recover provided the growing point is still alive. If you closely monitor your fields over the next couple of days, you will get an excellent idea if the growing point is alive by checking to see if new leaves are emerging. Even corn that is 3 to 4 leafs tall and has fallen over is probably going to recover and new leaves will emerge from the whorl in the next few days.








If your fields have not started to return to normal colour by Friday or if you would like a second opinion, please call your Veritas team and we will be happy to assist.

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If you are unsure of the damage in your field, don’t hesitate to contact your Veritas team.



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