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Human Resources
Grow your farm, manage your business

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.07.08 PMWhy Business Management Solutions?

Managing and supporting a farm business can be a challenging and complex task. It requires a strategic emphasis on business solutions and resource management. With new labour and employment laws being introduced on the farm, the need for effective Human Resource practices, specifically Health & Safety is increasingly apparent to many farm business managers.

VERITAS Farm Business Management Solutions

Provides support to farm businesses in understanding and implementing management policies and procedures in a customized, effective and realistic way.

VERITAS enhances your employee work environment, while you advance your farm business.

Health & Safety Services• Comply with legislation
• Safe work environment
• Peace of Mind
Human Resources Services• Effective, engaged employee's
• Reduced turnover
• Improved productivity

Health & Safety

Mock MOL Inspection (Complimentary)• Full farm inspection
• Understand and access your level of compliance
Farm Program • Customized health & safety policy and procedure manual
• Sign and documents required to be on file and posted
Employee Training• Farm specific health & safety training for your staff

Human Resources

Support • Unlimited Human Resources Management consultative services
Other Services• Recruitment/People Management
• Employment Law
• Organizational Effectiveness
• Conflict Management
• Strategic Planning
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