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Growing yields – field by field.

Why Crop Production Solutions?

Local farmers grow some great crops, but there is significant opportunity to improve yields and profits by capturing the untapped bushels that exist on every acre. Our soils are capable of producing average yields of 225 bu./ac.corn, 80 bu./ac. soybeans and 125 bu./ac. wheat. Are you maximizing your soil’s potential?

Veritas Agronomists bring years of training, bushels of knowledge and countless acres of hands-on field experience to the job. Maximize the economic potential of your fields by increasing both the efficiency of your inputs and your outputs.

Veritas delivers 3rd party advice to ensure that economics and yield take priority over sales. Guaranteed.

• Unlimited access to Expert agronomic support & coaching • Convenient, accurate advice;
• Improved decisions and outcomes
• Customized Crop Plan• Orderly spring road-map; operational organization
• 3rd Party, Impartial Services• Economic efficiency; No product or sales bias
• Confidence
• Crop Planner• Record-keeping; reporting
• Site-specific Soil Test• Increased input efficiency; increased yields; increased profits.
Advisory Package• Base Information Pkg.
• Agronomy Fundamentals
Advisory Planner Package• Base Information Pkg.
• Agronomy Fundamentals
• Written Field Plan
• Crop Planner
Site-specific Soil Testing• 2.5 ac. or 5 ac. grid size
Crop Rx• Consultative prep services
• Seed • Fertilizer • Lime
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