Corn and Cold Wet Ground

042913_2028_HaveILostAn2Who can remember the last time we didn’t plant corn until May? With corn planting in the US behind the 10 year average by at least a week, writes Jason Van Maanen, CCA-ON (Veritas), it is not just Ontario farmers who are sitting and waiting for Spring to arrive!


As producers become edgy, the urge is to get the equipment out and begin planting. However, planting a day sooner in the Spring may cost farmers more than they expected at harvest time. Below are some of the standard sayings and the better responses.

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The corn seed is an amazingly tough little thing. It is thrown into cold wet soil and in most cases by some miracle grows to a huge productive corn plant. All we have to do is help it out a little. A retired customer of mine once said when asked if it was too early to plant …

It’s too early to plant if the ground ain’t right!”

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